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Top 5 Things Parents Looking For In a Kindergarten

Choosing the first step in the education of their children can be a stressful and exhausting process for parents. By understanding the parents’ needs, you can both improve and adapt to attract more parents and make them satisfied when choosing your academy.

Parents are extra careful when choosing their child’s first preschool. Safety and security are really important to them when making this choice. Hence, the parents will usually take their time to do a lot of research and check out different options.

By understanding what they are looking for in that process, you can stay ahead of the curve and give those parents the feeling that you are their best option for fulfilling those needs!

Let’s look at five things that parents are looking for when choosing a kindergarten!

1. Curriculum Program

When you’re planning your academic program, it’s important to know exactly what you want your students to achieve at each level.

A common mistake many schools make is sticking too closely to the textbook. What we mean is that you don’t want to solely depend on the program. Adding real-life stories and examples can make the materials more relatable and engaging. When the learning is interactive, the students will also learn better, as research has shown.

Sometimes, when teachers use the same teaching method for everyone, some students might struggle and be left behind. No parents want to see their child in that position, so, by using a variety of teaching methods or addressing these concerns, you can ease parents’ worries.

Pro tip: Parents often feel safer if they see their child’s teacher is an experienced one, especially has a background with different learning and teaching methods. So look for them when hiring!

Nowadays, parents like it when their kids are engaged in activities outside of regular classroom learning. This helps children to grow into better characters. It teaches them soft skills like how to get along with others and makes their bodies and minds stronger.

These are all parked under the term extracurricular activities. They can be all sorts of things like playing sports, reading books, playing board games, doing arts and crafts, celebrating festivals, or helping out in the community (you can find more examples here).

If you add some of these fun activities to your program, more parents will be interested in what you offer.

Extracurricular activities for preschools

2. Learning Environment

The environment plays a big role when talking about learning and parent decisions. Often, if the environment is not optimum, children will be closed off and won’t learn much, and parents will be discouraged from choosing that academy.

So what is considered a good environment for them?

  1. Active listening: Not only will they be more engaged, but you will also avoid filling up your board or dictating constantly, which can become tedious quickly.
  2. Tracking progress: Most parents love seeing their kid’s progress. Showing the learning progress in a fun and natural way will not only encourage the child but also make parents happy and proud.
  3. Giving a sense of safety: Kids spend a lot of time in school, away from home, which can be tiring and demotivating. Help them feel safe and comfortable, as this will improve both their learning and morale once they return home.
  4. Friendly approach: Constant rules can be discouraging for kids. Instead, cultivating an open-minded culture where the students are allowed to make mistakes helps to build confidence and a friendly environment.

3. Near or Far?

The location of a kindergarten is super important for parents. It’s all about making their life easier and safer for the kids. Parents like kindergartens that are close to home or work. Why? Because it means less time stuck in traffic and they can easily fit into their daily routines. Besides, in case of emergencies, they can get to the kindergarten promptly.

Plus, local kindergartens are awesome for kids as they get to hang out and make friends with their neighbors. It also helps the community bond, creating a more enjoyable childhood experience.

So, how can you make sure the parents find you? We recommend using the internet, especially local SEO. It helps you to be easily discoverable by the parents nearby your area. It’s like a treasure map for parents looking for kindergartens nearby. If they search ‘kindergarten near me’, your name would likely pop up on the front page. That’s crucial because most folks (59%) only check out the first page of results in a recent study.

So look into local and general SEO, as it can be a cost-effective tool in a competitive market.

Curriculum Program for Kindergarten

4. Value of Money

When parents choose a kindergarten for their kids, most of them are willing to spend money, but they want to make sure they’re getting good value.

They will look at various factors to ensure it’s worth the cost. This includes the teachers’ quality, the size of classes, how inclusive the school is, safety measures, after-school activities, and the review from other parents. Also, it’s crucial to maintain transparency about all expenses to build trust with the parents.

In short, parents aim to strike a balance between tuition fees and the quality of education their child receives. This should be the same for the academy. Different parents have different spending power, hence, understanding the financial background of your target audience and tailoring your offerings to them will make your effort of searching for new students more efficient.

5. Parent Communication

As parents are usually more concerned about their child in early childhood, they wish to be involved closely in their child’s growing process. Hence, they favor academy centres that provide timely and regular updates on their child.

Besides, communicating is also critical in maintaining a healthy relationship with parents. Both in person and online, by constantly updating and informing parents about school-related news, the progress of their child, or anything in between, you give them a sense of involvement. Which in turn, boosts parents’ satisfaction and keeps them sticking with your school.

More than ever, it’s important to keep your communication channel up to date with the trends. An estimated ¾ of parents use technology to be informed about their children as most parents nowadays are so used to getting on the internet and using digital devices.

Kindergarten Management System

6. Parent FAQ

Here’s a list of some frequently asked questions (FAQs) from parents. This will help you get ready:

  1. What is the daily schedule and routine?
  2. What is the fee structure?
  3. Is there a trial session or an open day?
  4. What is the policy for sick days and absences?
  5. What is the teacher-to-student ratio in a class?
  6. What are the qualifications of the teachers and staff?
  7. What are the safety and security measures in place?
  8. How does the school handle discipline and behavior?
  9. What is the school’s approach to parental involvement?

Final Thoughts

Parents don’t make their preschool choices lightly, so understanding their decision-making process is crucial for staying competitive.

Parents’ needs change with each new generation, so staying current with their expectations is vital. Besides addressing their concerns, consider incorporating technology, like a kindergarten management system, to streamline your center’s operations. Technology is increasingly common today, so adopting it early can give you an edge over your competition.

This not only simplifies your workload but also presents your center as modern and up-to-date. If you’re looking for the best kindergarten management system, explore AOneSchools!

School Management System

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Digital Marketing Tips to Attract New Students in 2024

School marketing has always been difficult, but in today’s digital age, it may be at its most competitive.

As new generations become more familiar with how to use the internet to find answers to their questions, the most important tool for making your school more appealing is to constantly monitor and update your digital marketing.

If you’re interested in ways to help your school attract new students through digital marketing, here are some tips that can achieve that!

Know Your Audience

In many cases, marketing (not just school-related) is solved by throwing more money at it and hoping for the best. What is frequently overlooked, or at least not thoroughly examined, is who your target audience is.

According to one survey, in general, marketing professionals looking to attract more clients know only about 40% of their target audience’s information (such as name, gender, and age, as mentioned in the study). The key to achieving your goal is to gather as much information as possible and to be as close to people interested in your school as possible. This will help you narrow down where you want to spend your time. 

Nowadays, both parents and students are very familiar with modern technology, so include them in all strategic planning. Studies show that millennial parents use their phones for slightly more than 4 hours per day. Learn about how they spend their phone time, which social media apps they use, and what their interests are.

How can you learn about that?

There are a plethora of options, including surveys, Google Analytics, and asking questions on social media or your school’s website.

Optimize Your Website

What does optimizing your website actually mean?

Website optimization is the process of using tools, experiments, and strategic planning to improve your website’s visibility and accessibility.

Before taking the first steps toward improving your site, it’s best to know where you are currently. Use many of the free tools to test your current status, like SemRush and, among many others.

Let’s look at some ways you can improve your website:

  1. Implement UX/UI design: Commonly used as a single term UX( user experience) and UI (user interaction) are both important but separate aspects of a website:
    • UX design focuses more on the technical aspects, as it considers the experience a user has with the usability of the product, branding, and everything in between, from entering the site to leaving it.
    • UI design, on the other hand, has a visual role; it focuses on all aspects of user interaction. That includes the colors, animations, and sounds when you click, among other things
  1. Improving page SEO: On-page SEO (or search engine optimization) is the process of increasing your searchability on Google. The higher your rank, the higher the chance that someone will click on your site. The study shows the first search is clicked 27.6% of the time, while the 10th search has a 25.2% decline (2.4%). With students going on Google when searching for a school, it can benefit you greatly.
  2. Improve page speed: The longer the user has to wait, the higher the chance there is that he will leave your page without even entering it. Use sites like Pingdom Website Speed Test to test your speed.
  3. A/B testing: Also known as split testing, is the process of testing your site in real life for the first time. In short, the test considers showing one piece of marketing (A) to one group of audience and the second (B) to the second group of audience. With this, you can see what you need to improve and test it as many times as needed.

Social media marketing for learning centre

Get on Social Media

Social media has seen massive growth in the past decade or so. With its growth, companies saw an opportunity to use it as a marketing tool, so how can it be yours too?

Social media’s strongest aspect is engagement. An estimated 4.89 billion people use social media daily, so by being present on multiple social media platforms at once, you can attract many students.

Every social media platform has its own demographic. Millennials are the majority of people using Instagram, one of the most popular platforms in Malaysia.  The other is TikTok, which saw a massive increase in its teen users.

What to Post?

Every platform has its preferred form of content, so you have a number of options to promote your business. For example, on Instagram, which is image-based, you can share pictures of your school or campus, parts of the school like the schoolyard, or even (with permission, of course) students and teachers themselves.

On the other hand, TikTok is filled with short-form content. By being creative, you have the opportunity to pop up on someone’s page in a much more fun way, which can result in increased engagement.

Platforms like Twitter/X or Facebook can be used as information tunnels. You can post school-related news, announcements, reviews from past or current students, and even parents themselves.

Whatever the platform, be sure to use it all to your advantage. Social media has the ability to track data, so always keep checking your likes, shares, and saves when posting something.

Finally, be active. It’s crucial to keep up with modern trends and answer every question and comment. 

Pro tip: If your budget allows you, consider collaborating with influencers. This is a proven method for brand promotion and increasing your page visitors. Be extra careful when looking for someone to work with; they must be respectable and professional.

Offer Virtual Tours

Adding on to the previous point, you can make a virtual gallery to showcase your school, learning centre, or academy in the best light that can attract students while also creating a virtual binder of the school’s history.

The gallery can include pictures, videos (walking around the campus, for example), or any other form of visual representation of what you have to offer. By doing this, you can not only stockpile memories and past experiences but also get an up-close and personal look at what you have to offer.

Bonus tip: Focus on people; pictures and videos of happy students and faculty can really go a long way!

Streamline Your Enrollment Process

Enrollment is always stressful, but with just a few changes and additions, you can make sure the process for your students goes smoothly.

The easiest way to start is by digitalizing the process itself. As more and more students apply to schools via the Internet, it relieves their stress.

The best way to digitalize your learning centre is to implement AOneSchools, the number one tuition centre management system in Southeast Asia. 

With AOneSchools, your student data will be organized in one place and really straightforward to use. Managing learning centres with this tuition centre management system is a breeze thanks to easy online registration, remote administration, attendance tracking, and much more.

This improved enrollment process will be beneficial for everyone, including students, their parents, your teachers and administrative workers, and you as a business owner.

School Management System

Final Thoughts

Enrollment is a major part of every school system and can be a stressful process for both the students and the school itself.

But by using some of our tips, you can help boost your student numbers and take out stress for efficiency.

And if you are interested in implementing the tuition centre management system—AOneSchools—contact us and start your free demo!

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How to Convince Parents to Choose Your Learning Centre

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring your child receives the best education is a top priority for parents in Malaysia. As a learning centre, you understand the importance of providing quality education, but capturing the attention of parents can be a challenging task, especially in a country with various options. 

The enrollment season in Malaysia is not just a period of academic choices; it’s a season of intense competition. Parents are bombarded with numerous options, often leaving them overwhelmed and uncertain. Many parents express initial interest but ultimately do not enroll their children, making the enrollment process more frustrating for business school owners.

This article will cover strategies to help you stand out and capture parents’ attention early in the enrollment season. By addressing common pain points and leveraging data-driven insights, you can ensure that your learning centre becomes the top choice for parents seeking the best education for their children. 

Let’s explore how to explore education in Malaysia and convince parents to choose your learning centre.

Understanding Parents’ Perspective

To understand parents’ perspectives, you need to start by empathizing with the concerns and aspirations of parents. Identify their specific needs and expectations in the education of their child. Some likely reasons parents could pull out their kids from your school include the quality of education, fees, curriculum, safety, etc.

If possible, you can conduct surveys to gain insights into parents’ preferences and work on improving whatever aspects you can.

Emphasize the Benefits of Your Program for Their Child

This is a strong point to consider if you want your academy to experience significant growth. Highlight the advantages of your program for their child, showcasing how it aligns with their educational aspirations. 

Present compelling success stories and testimonials from satisfied parents and students while providing clear information on the curriculum, teaching methods, and enriching extracurricular activities.

Parents are looking for the best education centre for their kids. The best education centre goes beyond the quality of education. Other important things to point out to parents include an accessible location, a quiet and safer environment conducive to learning, amazing facilities, etc.

Tips to attract parents to your academy

Build Your Online Presence

In today’s digital world, whether it is an education business or any other kind of business, you need an online presence to grow your business. The truth is that most adults spend hours going through their phones daily. This can be a good way to reach out to parents and let them know what you’ve got to offer.

How do you build your online presence? Establish a strong digital presence through a user-friendly, informative website; utilize social media platforms to engage with parents and share educational content; implement online advertising and SEO strategies to enhance visibility.

On your website or social media accounts, share positive reviews from other parents, showcase your students’ achievements, display your school environment, show accreditations (if any) that make your learning centre one of the best, and any other thing that will convince parents to choose your learning centre.

Offering Trial Classes or Open Schools

To tell parents and prospective students that you are confident in offering the best education, allow them to experience your teaching methods firsthand. This will eliminate any fears or concerns that may be related to the quality of education being offered at your education centre. 

Also, you can host open houses or virtual tours to showcase your facilities and faculty. Provide sample lessons or workshops to demonstrate the quality of education offered. The goal here is to display what you’ve got to capture the minds of parents and potential students.

How to convince parents to enroll to your school

Affordability and Financial Assistance

Ensure affordability and provide financial assistance options to ease parents’ concerns. Transparently communicate tuition fees, demonstrating competitive pricing. Showcase scholarship programs or financial aid opportunities, underlining your commitment to making quality education accessible. 

Offer flexible payment plans to accommodate various financial situations, allowing families to plan according to their means. By addressing financial worries, you not only demonstrate empathy but also reinforce your learning centre’s dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive educational environment. This commitment to affordability can greatly influence parents’ decisions and make your centre a top choice for their child’s education.

Simplify Admission Process

Assuming you’ve convinced parents to enrol in your school, you wouldn’t want to mess things up with a complicated admission process. Streamline the enrollment process with a user-friendly online application system. EdTech companies such as AOneSchool can easily handle the admission process by creating an online enrollment form that is simple and quick to complete. 

You should have personnel to respond to parents’ questions both online and offline. In all, if you are looking for a school management system that covers things like a user-friendly online application system, minimizing paperwork and administrative hurdles to make enrollment hassle-free, etc., AOneSchools in Malaysia can handle them for you.

School Management System

Final Thoughts

Simplifying the admission process emerges as a crucial element in convincing parents to choose your learning centre. By understanding parents’ perspectives, emphasizing program benefits, building a robust online presence, offering trial experiences, addressing affordability concerns, and simplifying admissions, you can set your learning centre apart.

AOneSchools provides a school management system that makes administrative and class operations seamless and exciting. With AOneSchools, no more hassle in fee collection, most administrative processes are automated, class schedules and attendance can be easily managed, and many other educational products are offered by AOneSchool.

Simplifying the process not only reduces stress for parents but also demonstrates your commitment to providing a seamless educational journey for their children. In doing so, you can create a lasting impression and foster trust, ultimately increasing enrollment and establishing your learning centre as the preferred choice for parents seeking the best education in Malaysia.

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How to Boost Student Enrollment with Current Student’s Parents

The start of a new enrollment year is just around the corner, and parents across Malaysia are on the lookout for the best learning centers for their children. For education centers, securing enrollment early is essential. One often-overlooked strategy that can yield remarkable results is engaging with your current students’ parents. They can be your most influential advocates. In this article, we’ll explore five proven methods for harnessing the power of parent engagement to boost student enrollment.

1. Establishing a Parent Ambassador Program

Your school’s most satisfied parents can be your most powerful marketing force. Consider creating a Parent Ambassador Program. Handpick parents who are genuinely engaged with your academy, possess credibility in their communities, have a wide network, and are genuinely passionate about your institution.

Happy parents are your best advertisement. They can spread the word about your academy like no one else. Encourage your Parent Ambassadors to share their positive experiences and promote your academy within their networks. Their personal endorsements can carry significant weight when potential new parents are making decisions.

2. Launching A Referral Marketing Campaign

Encourage your satisfied students and their parents to share their journeys within your academy. Collect testimonials and share them on your website. During public events, invite them to share their stories in person. Genuine experiences resonate with prospective parents.

Additionally, ask your current parents to provide honest feedback and reviews on various platforms like Google, Facebook, and other relevant sites. These online reviews not only boost your online presence but also influence potential families looking for the right academy.

Consider offering incentives to parents who participate in your referral marketing campaign, such as discounted fees, free workshops, or exclusive freebies. The gesture not only shows appreciation but also encourages active participation.

Referral Program for Schools

3. Collect Parent Feedback

Engaged parents are more likely to stay loyal and recommend your academy to others. To build a strong community, involve parents in significant decisions. Regularly seek their feedback, track their level of satisfaction, and implement changes based on their input.

When parents feel heard and see their suggestions being taken seriously, they develop a sense of belonging to your academy. They become stakeholders in their child’s education journey, which often translates into a long-lasting relationship.

4. Embrace Social Media

Today’s parents are active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. To effectively reach and engage them, establish a robust social media presence. Regularly post informative content, updates, and relevant information.

Consider seeking consent to post pictures of students participating in various activities. Parents are more likely to engage with and share these posts on their own profiles, increasing your academy’s visibility among their social circles.

5. Update Your Communication Tools

In our digital age, most people, including parents, spend a substantial amount of time on their smartphones. It’s essential to adapt to this trend. Consider transitioning your reporting and announcement tools to mobile applications.

With smartphone penetration on the rise, providing parents with an easy-to-use mobile app can enhance communication, making it more convenient for parents to access vital information and stay connected with your academy.

Progress Report for Students

Final Thoughts

Actively engaging with parents can be a game-changer for boosting student enrollment in your academy. By implementing these strategies, you not only enhance parent satisfaction but also increase your academy’s visibility and credibility in the competitive education landscape. Remember, parents are your partners in success, and by involving them actively, you can secure enrollment and set the stage for a successful enrollment year ahead.


How to Boost Student Enrollment In Your Educational Centre: Tips and Tricks

One of the primary goals of each educational centre is to attract and retain students. But because there are so many options available to prospective students, many educational centre owners find it challenging to stand out and interest students in enrolling in their programs.

Fortunately, there are a few effective strategies you can use to increase student enrollment and grow your centre.

Keep reading this article, and you will explore several techniques that can help you attract more students. Let’s get started!

Common Mistakes In the Enrollment Process

Before you start working on strategies to increase student enrollment in your educational centre, make sure not to make these common mistakes:

1. Not Tracking the Leads

Leads are individuals who have shown some level of interest in your learning centre, but have not yet enrolled in it. For example, leads are people who have visited your website, attended an event, or something similar.

Not checking these leads can be a critical mistake for an educational centre because it can result in missed opportunities and a failure to convert potential students into actual ones. If you don’t track the lead, you risk losing their interest, and additionally, losing them to a competitor.

2. Not Showing a Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) is what sets your educational centre apart from the competitors and makes you stand out. If you do not show your USP it can be a significant mistake in attracting students and, most importantly, enrolling rate.

If you don’t have a clear USP, your potential student may struggle to differentiate your learning centre from others and may choose to enroll elsewhere. You certainly don’t want that to happen.

You must clearly communicate your USP and explain why your centre is the best fit for them. For example, you can highlight your innovative teaching method, show how you provide personalized attention to students, or highlight something that you think is your greatest strength.

When your potential students can clearly see why your educational centre is the right choice for them, your enrollment rate will increase.

3. Not Following Up Effectively

Communication is crucial to building strong and trustworthy relationships with students and their parents. If there is a lack of communication or they are unsatisfied with the information they get, it can be a costly mistake for an educational centre.

Students and parents can get the impression that your educational centre is not committed to helping them achieve their academic and educational goals. And no one wants that.

You can avoid this mistake by automating responses, providing comprehensive information, and following up at regular intervals.

Student Enrollment Tips

Now that you know which mistakes you must avoid in your educational centre, we’ve prepared a list of proven techniques for increasing enrollment rates:

1. Enhance Marketing Efforts

The power of marketing is remarkable, and you should make the most of it.

  • Build a good website that will represent who you are, what you offer, and why students and parents should choose you. Search engine optimization is something you can start doing if you don’t already—using the right keywords on your website will help you rank in a better position on Google, and, therefore, you will be more visible.
  • List your centre on the Google business list. Google uses our location, and when people search for an educational centre in their area, your centre will pop up. This is a free and really effective thing you can do to improve your reach among potential students and their parents.
  • Use social media to showcase your uniqueness and practices to attract new students. People like to see how you do your jobs, and this is your chance to stand out. Social media is really powerful for branding and can significantly improve your enrollment rate.

2. Leverage Word of Mouth

Digital marketing is a really powerful tool, but do you know what else can be even more effective? The oldest marketing strategy—word of mouth. 

People always share their recommendations and experiences with family and friends, and it’s most likely they will choose a recommendation from their close friends over a stranger’s. 

That’s why you have to give them the best experience possible so they can recommend it to their friends and family, who will then enroll in your programs, be happy and satisfied with the educational centre, and recommend it further to their friends and family.

3. Offer Trial Classes or Open-to-Public Events

Whether your learning centre is working online or in person, trial classes and open-to-public events can be a tipping point in increasing student enrollment and promoting your lessons. And here’s how: 

Trial classes and events give potential students and their parents an opportunity to experience the centre’s teaching style and curriculum firsthand. This will give them more information and help them decide whether the institution is suitable for their needs and goals.

On top of that, these classes and events can help create a sense of community among current and prospective students. They can interact, ask questions, and hear someone’s experience, which will help them feel more comfortable and confident about enrolling.

Trial classes and open events can also be great for brand promotion. Make sure to provide high-quality trial classes and host engaging events, and it will certainly create a positive impression on your target group and increase the enrollment rate.

Student registration

4. Make Collaboration with Local Schools and other Organizations

Cooperation with local schools and other organizations is an effective way to represent your learning centre to potential students or their parents, who maybe wouldn’t hear of you otherwise.

5. Use Education Software

A lot of challenging tasks in managing an educational centre can be erased or really minimised with the power of technology. 

We’ve already mentioned the importance of clear and consistent communication and tracking leads. You can easily automate these processes if you choose the right platform.

If you use AOneSchools as your school management software, you can automate sending messages and notifications to your students and their parents, which will improve general communication. 

On top of that, with AOneSchools, you can easily streamline the process from new inquiries to registration, which will be appealing for users. And you can manage all your leads using only one platform.

Managing student registration will be a piece of cake because AOneSchools allows you to collect new student data efficiently. Also, general student management will be easier because you can send automated push notifications to your students’ parents about their attendance.

Using education software will help you organise and manage administrative tasks, give you more insights and information about students, which will help you plan for the future, and—what’s most important—education software will improve the overall students’ and parents’ experience, which will increase student enrollment as well.

Increase Student Enrollment Rate with AOneSchools

As the competition is growing among the academic centres, it’s harder to get parents’ attention now and make your educational centre stand out. 

Still, it’s more than possible. 

If you use AOneSchools for your learning centre, you will improve general user management, student tracking, scheduling classes and timetables, and also upgrade your administrative work like keeping track of payments and invoices and creating business reports.

AOneSchools was founded in 2015, and it’s currently used by more than 2,000+ education providers throughout Southeast Asia.

Get in touch with us, and we will help you boost your educational business and increase enrollment rates!

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5 Ways to Boost Student Retention for Education Centre

With increasing competition among education centers in Malaysia, attracting new students has become more challenging, hence it is crucial to focus on improving the student retention rate.

In addition to attracting new students, education centers must keep current students engaged and motivated throughout their academic journey to generate positive word-of-mouth referrals. In this article, we will explore effective strategies that you can implement to enhance the student retention rates of your learning centre.

5 Tips to Boost Student Retention in Education Centers

Every touchpoint students have with your centre forms their educational experience and gives you an opportunity to improve student retention. Below are some useful tips for educators in Malaysia to improve student retention.

1. Deliver High-Quality Education to Students

By ensuring students meet their academic success, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged actively in their studies. The number one goal for parents is to see their kids progress as well. Delivering high-quality education can not only contribute to students’ academic improvement but also to parents’ satisfaction. Building trust with students and parents can lead to increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

2. Encourage Active Learning

By encouraging students to take an active role in their learning, education centers can keep students engaged and motivated. Active learning can be achieved by facilitating class activities, discussions, and group projects. It’s important to strike a balance between making education fun and maintaining high academic standards.

3. Provide Regular Feedback

Regular feedback is important for keeping students aligned and keeping parents updated on their kid’s learning progress. Nowadays, technology has made it easier for parents to receive real-time updates on their child’s academic progress. With that, the parents can track the educational progress of their kids and help them make adjustments if needed. Educators can also benefit from using school management systems to monitor communication between parents and teachers.

4. Take Performance Surveys at Certain Intervals

Conducting performance surveys at regular intervals can provide valuable insights into what parents and students like and what they would like to see improved in the education center. This also shows parents that you are committed to continuous improvement and can help build loyalty and retention. You can easily create a simple survey nowadays with some free survey tools.

5. Automate Your Operations

Take out teachers’ burden on taking attendance and updating student progress allowing them to focus on providing high-quality education to students. It is crucial to have a platform that facilitates transparent communication between educators, students, and parents as well. Besides, automating administrative tasks such as fee payments, online registration, and data entry can reduce errors and improve the efficiency of education centers. This can increase student and parent satisfaction with the education center and make them more likely to continue attending.

Boost Student Retention Rate with School Management System

Improve Student Retention with a School Management System

A school management system can help to create a more efficient, effective, and student-centered learning environment that promotes student academic success and retention. While there are different ed-tech companies in Malaysia, AOneSchools Learning Center Management System should be your preferred one to work with.

With over 2000 learning centers utilizing our system, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise in school management. We understand what it takes for a learning center to operate successfully and strive to implement those same techniques to help your education business thrive.

Get in touch with us today, and our business consultant will connect with you promptly. At AOneSchools, it is our goal to not only improve student retention rate but also to foster growth in your education business.