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User management feature on AOneSchools Learning Center Management System

User Management

User Role Assigment

AOneSchools allows users to manage user roles such as admins and teachers across different branches under your organization.

Students and Teachers Data

Easily track your students and teachers data. One of the many functions such as lesson enrolment for both your students and teachers.

Dashboard interface of AOneSchools Learning Center Management System

Business Report


A comprehensive data overview showing your business performance and data analytics. Benefit yourself with precious data and turn it into impact.


Comprehensive reports able to be broken down into monthly revenue breakdown. We organize the data for you so you can focus on growing your business.

Invoice and Finance features on AOneSchools Learning Center Management System

Invoices & Finances

Online Invoice & Receipt

Showing detailed look of invoices, payment receipts to credit notes. Enabling you to create complex invoices in just a few clicks.

Recurring Invoices & Auto Reminder

Reduce having your student and their parents / guardians to miss their payments. Fee tracking and inquiring made easy.

In-App Payment

Improving your clients (Parents / Guardians) to make payments with our In-App Payment function.

Auto Debit

Enables you to easily collect online payments with PayEx auto debit function.

Branch management feature on AOneSchools Learning Center Management System

School Management


Create unlimited branches under your organization on your AOneSchools system. Helps you reduce time and effort in monitoring and manage your branches.


Create a one-way communication to your student’s parents / guardian with our Broadcast Announcement feature. No more group chat messages to deal with.

Class schedule and lesson management feature on AOneSchools Learning Center Management System

Lesson Management

Schedule and Time Table

Schedule and time table management for both your students and teachers can take a hefty amount of your daily tasks. Accommodate diverse and complex schedules that allows you to input detailed data about your staff, room and time constraints

Class Package

Enables you to assign class package such as setting up monthly term credits for each of your students.

Class Replacement Management

Manage class replacements easily for all your students and teachers. With the AOneSchools mobile apps lets your teachers, students and parents / guardian to receive information in real time.

Student management and database on AOneSchools Learning Center Management System

Student Management

Online Registration / Enrollment

Manage new student admissions like none before. Collect new student details efficiently. Upscale your business faster than ever.


Send automated push notifications to your student’s parents / guardian regarding their attendances. Helps you ensure the parents / guardians about your student’s safety upon arrival to classes.

Progress Report

Update your student’s progress easily both using our desktop web-app and mobile apps. Your students and their parents / guardians will receive the student progress report comprehensively in real time.

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