4 Top Challenges for Educators in 2023 + How to Solve Them?

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What 2020 had in store for us was unimaginable. While the entire world almost stopped and was full of fear, only a minority could predict the effects of the global pandemic.

Almost the entire world had to adjust their lifestyles to new circumstances. And learning centers were one of the first to face the challenges.

Unfortunately, during the Covid-19 crisis, many learning centers had to close down, and everyone was experiencing turbulence switching between in-person and online classes back and forth.

After more than three years since the pandemic started, we still feel the effects of the global pandemic.

We’re currently in the recovery period, and now is the perfect time to overcome key challenges in your educational center. As Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

Keep reading this article to break down barriers and let your learning center thrive!

4 Biggest Challenges Education Centers Must Overcome

We know that managing an education center means a lot of work. That’s why we prepared a list that can help you identify and solve these problems effortlessly.

1. Strong Competition

In Malaysia’s education landscape, competition among education centers has reached remarkable heights. With a multitude of institutions catering to a diverse range of educational needs, standing out from the crowd has become a formidable challenge. 

To thrive in this competitive environment, the learning center must constantly strive to exceed expectations, offer unique value propositions that will set them apart from its competitors, and elevate the educational experience for students.


To rise above the intense competition, you, as an education center owner, must recognize the need to develop your own unique selling proposition (USP) and elevate your offerings. Embracing a comprehensive management system can be the catalyst for this transformation.

More than 2,000 learning centers in Southeast Asia have stepped up their game with AOneSchools. AOneSchools is a learning center management system that will help you visualize the important metrics of your business in real-time. You will have valuable insights from instant reporting, which will help you see what practices are good and why you should keep doing them. Only when you have enough information, you can set your learning business up for success.

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2. Rising Operational Costs

The pandemic wasn’t over yet, and our society already faced another significant problem—inflation. 

Prices of everything went up in the entire world, and along with all the other problems, educational centers had to face increased operational prices.

Every learning center is struggling to control operational expenses, including staff salaries, infrastructure maintenance, technology upgrades, and educational resources. On top of that, prices are changing so fast that almost every day something needs an update or revision. 


Even though inflation has raised the anxiety and stress levels of every business owner, there are ways to manage the situation better. The number one priority for educational centers must be keeping track of all the business data.

You can handle a difficult situation like this only when you have your data, documents, and inputs organized and standardized in one place. 

If you’re not sure how to establish procedures, AOneSchools can help you. AOneSchools eliminates the need for manual filing systems and reduces the risk of misplaced or lost documents. This streamlined organization improves efficiency, enhances data security, and promotes a more productive and effective workflow within the educational center.

3. Student Enrollment and Retention

First of all, the pandemic’s disruption has resulted in uncertainties and changes in students’ educational plans, which has decreased enrollment rates. The transition to remote or hybrid learning models has also created a sense of detachment and reduced engagement among students, leading to potential retention issues.

On top of that, economic hardships and financial constraints experienced by families during the pandemic have impacted their ability to afford education services, further affecting enrollment and retention rates.


To address the challenges of student enrollment and retention, education centers should focus on offering compelling programs, robust student support services, and engaging extracurricular activities. By designing unique and attractive educational programs that cater to students’ interests and aspirations, centers can stand out and boost student enrollment.

Furthermore, adopting a professional learning center management system can significantly enhance the institution’s image and serve as a selling point. AOneSchools can simplify administrative tasks, automate processes, and ensure smooth communication, which will improve overall operational efficiency. A learning center that uses a management system is considered more professional, organized, and technologically advanced.

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4. Keeping Up with Evolving Technological Advancements

Speaking of technology, a pandemic in 2020 has triggered many technological advances. Humanity was facing many challenges it hadn’t had before, and technology tried to offer every solution possible.

But for many non-tech businesses, this progressive development brings headaches. Education centers now must stay updated with the new technologies, invest in them, and provide training for their team members.


A management system can serve as a solution to this issue as well. If you choose AOneSchools for your learning center, we will assign you a dedicated account manager to guide you along throughout the subscription period and provide a step-by-step onboarding process. Staying up to date with technology is much easier when you have professionals on your team.

The best part?

We offer you a free demo!

Contact us today, and we will fix all the biggest challenges together! 

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