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Learning Center Management Software

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AOneSchools™ Management Software

Is an end-to-end software for

  • Tuition centres
  • Music schools
  • Swimming schools
  • Martial art gyms
  • Arts schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Enrichment centres
  • Dance academy
  • Yoga centres
  • Sports academy
  • Language schools

To manage daily admin work

  • Fee management, tracking & receipts
  • Class scheduling + booking
  • Student Attendance tracking

Module 1
Fee Management Tracking & Receipt

This module can help you in
Auto-generate receipt for your students & parents upon payment (via email or app)
Send payment advice/reminder to your students & parents (either they pay by monthly, termly, or packages)
Track on students who have outstanding payment for lessons
Update the payment status of your students

Module 2
Class Scheduling & Booking

This module can help you in
Set up all timetable of your classes
Display availability of your instructors
Set up availability of your classrooms
Display the maximum allowed no of student occupancy in each class
Display the name of instructors/teachers
Receive notification when students make replacement class request

Students & Parents can
View the timetable for your classes
Schedule replacement classes (within your Terms & Conditions - like no replacement is allowed within 24h before the class)

Module 3
Student Attendance & Progress Tracking

Before the start of each class, instructor will open his/her mobile app to take the student attendance (in Class Scheduling, you have assigned the particular class to specific instructor, as well as the list of students should be presented in the class).

After the instructor submits the student attendance,
You (centre owner) will receive the attendance information of students
You will track the history of attendance of students (so you will know how many session left for your students in particular month or packages that they have purchased)
Easier for the tracking of replacement class
Parents/students will receive instant push notification on the attendance information (absent, present or late)

Centre is using web-based, while students & teachers are using mobile app!

App for Parents & Students
Schedule for replacement classes
Receive attendance information
Payment status & receipts
Receive announcement from centres

App for Teachers & Instructors
Take student attendance
View attendance & payroll

Business Reporting & Analytics for Schools

If you use the software correctly with accurate data input, we can show you the performance of your business.

In this analytic, you can know
Current statistic of the month (new Students, active students, teachers and classes)
Student amount at the end of each last months
Global Money Balance by months
New Students by months
Life-time values of your students
Average Diligence by student
Profitability by Class
Statistics are availables both in a global view of your school or specifically by branches

This information is even MOST beneficial if you manage multiple centres together.

You can know which branch is performing better, and which is not.

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