20 Times Students Came Up with the Best Answers

As teachers, we often have to come up with exercises and tests to make sure our students learn effectively. However, not all kids take their assignments seriously. Here are some cases where students get D for accuracy, but A+ for creativity.

  1. When in doubt…
  1. This is historically correct
  1. Good deduction skills
  1. Kid has a solid plan
  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words
  1. I spy a future Tony Robbins
  1. If math is like hide and seek
  1. Tough love
  1. Expansion done right
  1. I mean, he’s technically not wrong…
  1. I see a future economist here
  1. This kid scary
  1. This one has common sense
  1. “All the single ladies~”
  1. Sweat is fat crying
  1. He found the secret to marriage
  1. Dance party alert**
  1. At least he’s honest
  1. Yes Bob, why are you so greedy?
  1. No. Just no.