Modules Presentation

Discover each of our School Management modules

Setup & Manage HQ & branches

  • Setup all branches of centres/schools that you have
  • Assign one centre as HQ
  • Remove & re-activate any branches

Additional Info
All branches are independent to each other (in terms of students, teachers, fee payment etc), and each branch has its own login details for admin.

Setup class & schedule

  • Setup class schedule
  • View classes on month/week/day basis
  • Setup payment schedule (every 1 month, 3 month, 12 months etc)
  • Setup teachers/instructors for the class
  • Setup classroom/venue for the classs
  • Setup fees details for the class (per month, per 3-month term, per 6-month term or per package/sessions)
  • Archive expired/inactive classes
  • Enroll students into class!

Setup general school info & email template

  • Setup general learning centre/school information
  • Setup the email template for receipts
  • Setup the email template for payment advice/reminder
  • All emails are personalised based on "Student name" "parent name" "amount to pay" etc
  • Setup the CLASSROOM or pools (place for lesson) which will be used later in Class Details setup module

Register students and their classes

  • Register for all students (new/existing)
  • Include their parent information
  • Archive withdrawn student
  • Re-activate withdrawn student
  • Assign student to classes (single class or multiple class)

Parents/students' emails & passwords are for their login to
1. Check their attendance
2. Check their progress reports
3. Check their fee payment status
4. Check their class details

Update the payment receipt from students

  • Update the payment receipt from students
  • Update the date of payment
  • Proceed to auto-issue of the receipts

Register teachers/instructors in HQ & branches

  • Add teachers in HQ & other school branches

Teachers' emails & passwords are for their login to
1. Take the student attendance
2. Update the progress reports of their students

This has to be done prior to the *ASSIGNMENT teacher to the classes* and also the *teacher payroll tracking*